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Buy! Sell! Build! Force your opponents to bankruptcy! Share lots of fun moments with the best real-estate board game that will travel you to this unique greek island! The board includes villages and areas of interest in Santorini; there are 22 Title Deed cards that correspond to each area with a picture and small text about them. Handmade cave houses and arched houses designed and created by local artists will adorn your board as well as create a permanent Santorini corner in your home!

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In The Box | Santorini Board Game

Wander around Santorini's villages

Santoploy Pad


In the board you can find the villages and areas of Santorini


​Houses & Cavehouses

The houses and cavehouses have been designed and made by a local artist of the island and could themselves be a beautiful Cycladic decorative for your place.


Title deed cards

In the front part of the cards there is a picture and a small text regarding each area that will help you "travel" to this unique island or plan your journey there, receiving useful information about it.


Donkey face & Donkey tail Cards

All the cards refer to Santorini as a travel destination.


Handmade Tokens

Sail around santorini with small handmade tokens.


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Santorini Board Game

  • 1 board with the villages of Santorini
  • 22 cards of villages of Santorini with photo and text
  • 32 Donkey Face and Donkey Tail Cards
  • 32 handmade houses
  • 12 handmade cavehouses
  • 6 tokens
  • Santoploy's money
  • 2 dice
  • instructions
49 € BUY NOW
​Do you like Santoploy? 49 € Buy now




Handmade Houses


Handmade Cavehouses

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Oia : Speira | Pyrgos : Santo wines, Happy Toys | Fira : Bloom Concept Store | Kamari : Prospect stores | Megalochori : Sunbeam